Martin Squires

Martin sat and did a pen and ink drawing of the Rudge at Stafford and it has appeared in Classic Bike in Martin’s regular column. It’s a lovely portrait of the old bike and a very nice write up and I’m touched.

The magazines devoted to old bikes, both professional and club fanzines, take a bit of a barrage of criticism at times but those that have given notice to the ride have all been very supportive of the Rudge’s LEJOG.

To be fair The Barnsley Chronicle too were more than kind about the excursion although as a fully paid-up slacker I was a little embarrassed by the headline. It’s not really dedication to do something you enjoy is it? Ah the fatal attraction of alliteration for the headline writer:

Nothing much else to report at the moment but the Rudge is coming back together slowly after its post-LEJOG refresh. More on this later.


One thought on “Martin Squires”

  1. Hi,

    Can you help me please ? I am trying to get in touch with David Stevenson and need his email address. I have read his article about surviving Bown Autocycles and his request for information regarding particular registrations. I own one of the machines he has asked about and would like to give him the information he needs for his register.

    If you could help me I would be most grateful.


    Darrell Parsons


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