Postscript 1

It’s a week today since we returned from LEJOG.

We had a day off on the Monday and saw some of the sights around John o’ Groats: the Castle of Mey, holiday home of the Queen Mother (well, Barbara had driven all those miles so I swallowed hard and kept my peace) Dunnet Head, the most northerly point on the British mainland (and it felt like it) and Mary Anne’s cottage, a croft that was worked until 1990. A lady volunteer at the croft, hearing what we’d been doing, gave us a donation which was very nice of her.

We put in 200 miles on each of the first two days back. Our first night was at the Maragowan Caravan and Motorhome Club site near Killin at the eastern end of Loch Tay, a very beautiful area. Our second night was in the woods amongst the picturesque ruins of the old powder factory at the Kendal Caravan and Motorhome Club site. The wild garlic and bluebells were out in the sunshine shafts coming through the fresh green of the new leaves. We dropped off the spare wheel and cable that Peter Moore had leant me, thanks again Peter, and were back in Barnsley. It was finished.

When you have been away for a month there’s always plenty to do but, as I’d been warned, there is a slightly vacant feel to everything after the rather obsessive preparations which have dominated my life since October and the intensive activity of the ride itself.

The good news is we have reached our target of £2000 thanks to the generosity of Fiona and Dennis Clarke, Barbara’s cousin and her husband. Indeed, thanks to Lee Speight and Richard Nuttall, we have exceeded that amount. We started out hoping for £500 and have been able to raise that target three times thanks to everyone’s participation. Now LEJOG is finished I don’t intend to raise the target again but the donation page at: remains open for three months after the end of the event. So, if you have found your way here and feel like contributing to Alzheimer’s Research UK to fund the work they are doing to combat the condition, please be my guest.

It would be really good to see it go all the way to £2500.


2 thoughts on “Postscript 1”

  1. lol 😂 – like to be in with a last word Dave……..
    Wonderful, amazing achievement and it was obviously good for you ‘cause you are looking so well (complete with beard) – proud that you are one of our closest friends.


  2. have loved the blogs Dave and miss them, always full of information and interesting. Hope to catch up sometime well done


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